Saturday, March 1, 2008

GENESIS - Feb 1979 - Cosmic Tits & Ass, Bruce Springsteen, Stan Lee features

Here's another vintage men's magazine from my collection with several interesting features.

February 1979
Vol 6, #7
(US Men's Magazine)

Publisher: Cycle Guide Publications, New York City

* Cosmic Tits and Ass (A galaxy of TV's wonder women - from Batman to Battlestar Galactica, by Tom Rogers)

* Stan Lee Interview (Adventures of Comics King: Hulk and Spiderman go Hollywood, by Steve Swires)

* Bruce Springstten's Resurrection (The Springsteen Stampede: Born to Run Again, by Robert Duncan)

* The Good Life: Galactic War-Gaming (Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Role-Playing Games)

* Life After Star Wars

* Big Mother Is Bugging You (AT&T Wiretapping, by Burton Wolfe)


* Margaret Whitman (Peg of My Heart) (photos by Diana Hardy)

* Ruby Louise Long (Photos by John Allum & Rex Features)

NM condition